Monday, October 14, 2013

Shift in expectations

Shift in expectations of the global services buyers is observed in Q1 and Q2 of 2013. They now know the difference between a technical resources provider and an efficient solution provider partner. Customers or we can say offshore service buyers are trying to transform technology into the most effective apps expecting beyond-the-expected services for their application users. They even expect qualitative Architecture recommendations from their offshore solution provider partner. 

They have started scanning their offshore solution provider based on the parameters such as essential knowledge, methods, coding standards, effective usage of 3rd party tools and technics, intellectual property, SDLC practices and also experience of diverse industry experience.

Being just technical resources providers have lagged far behind the needs for offshore outsourcing services, whether in terms of cost-effectiveness or prompt development of application. Offshore solution provider should understand the changing expectations of their customers and focus more on shaping their services integrating industrial features into their services. In short focus more to improve the quality of services so as to qualify as industrial solution providers, system maintenance partners and even (function) maintenance partners.

Equally important is sound development of their technical resources for meeting the customer expectations. It is the expected trend of the offshore service industry. The service industry, being intellectual effort intensive, can provide a variety of custom-made solutions by making use of the advantage in large scales and varied industry experience.

Bottom line is that the core values of offshore services are now reflected on the core business value of knowledge-based development activities and enhanced capacity of service delivery.

Bhartesh Sagar